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Auto insurance

Your car is one of the most valuable possessions you own, and one of the most important. Choosing the right insurance policy in Woodridge District Of Columbia, can protect your investment and keep you on the road in case of accidents, theft, lawsuits or other auto-related damage. High-quality coverage shouldn't have to break the bank.

Our elite network of independent insurance agents can show you a range of coverage options and prices. We are licensed to work with multiple auto insurance providers, and that means we make the big guys compete for your business. Find an agent above to start shopping, whether you need state-mandated minimums or maximum protection with low premiums and deductibles.

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Life is….spending time with your family and friends, going to a sporting event, reading a good book, or having a nice meal.
Life can be all of these things and more. Life is happy and sad and all things in between. It’s about living.
But life is also about protecting your family from the unexpected. Life is making sure your family can continue without financial hardship if you are no longer around to help them. One way to do that is to have sufficient life insurance coverage on you and your spouse. Life is….being protected with life insurance.

Whether you are the main breadwinner or not, the American Life Insurance Council states you should have five to seven years worth of your salary in coverage. Others increase it to 10 years.

According to LIMRA, 68 million adult Americans do not have life insurance coverage. With so many Americans leaving their loved ones financially vulnerable, the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) designated September as Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), a time for the public to examine and reexamine their life insurance needs.

The best way to verify your needs is to begin with calculating what long-term expenses you have that your loved ones would be responsible for if you were gone. Those expenses could include a mortgage, college tuition and everyday items such as food and clothing.

The type of policy you choose is a vital decision. Term coverage can be very affordable initially, but premiums may increase over the life of the policy. Permanent policies usually have higher premiums but tend to stay level. The term of the policy is also an important item to consider.

A qualified life insurance professional can assist you in your calculations and show you policies that may fit your needs. Life is always changing. Protecting your family from financial struggles after you are gone is what life insurance is all about.

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